International truck of the year 2010. Winner PowerTorque award for innovation & technology 2012.

The Scania R-series prime movers continue to win praise from the Aussie press:-

“The awesome performance of the Scania R730 prime mover with its additional high focus on vehicle safety systems makes this vehicle a stand out performer in the Australian heavy truck market. This combination of a 730hp engine and the Opticruise automated manual transmission improves efficiency while minimizing fatigue levels for the driver. A clear advantage for driver and vehicle safety.”  Chris Mullett - PowerTorque.

“From the drivers seat the truck appears to do the work effortlessly. Add in the sophisticated control systems available from Scania and you have a truck that can be driven long distances and at heavy masses while minimizing the impact of fatigue on the driver.”  Tim Giles – Prime Mover.

“So I tried to hate this automatic transmission, I really tried. But to drive on the day, I fell in love with it. Not just the ease, but the smoothness.”
“The automated transmission? It sure makes things easier and that means it lets you do your job better.”  Bruce Honeywill – Truckin’ Life.

“With 3500Nm (2580 ft-lb) of torque at its disposal, the question isn’t ‘will it make it?’ but ‘how soon it will get there’.
“…if your business is about moving heavy loads a long distance over tough terrain, then perhaps you should broaden your horizon and include the 730 on your shopping list. You might buy it, you might not, but once you’ve tried true torque, it puts other trucks into perspective.” Gary Worrall – ATN

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